Trygve Skogrand

Wir sind Schmutz

  1. The other side of the Paragraph 175

    2023-11-06 20:53:32 UTC
    Today I started out by visiting the Berlin Police Museum –  the Polizeihistorische Sammlung – at Tempelhof. I’ll return there later, to inspect arrest photos from their archives, but for now I got an interesting and thoughtful look at the early police history of the city. As I studied the…

  2. Viewing the past through a pink haze

    2023-11-05 17:39:51 UTC
    This art project will draw inspiration from the early queer history of Berlin. The German pioneering research and struggle for queer rights from the mid-19th century onwards represent the foundation of Western queer liberation and rights. My flat is located on Nollendorfstraße, at the heart of the city’s queer area.…

  3. Reinterpretation 4

    2023-11-04 11:09:15 UTC
    I have been always been working with reinterpretation of art and historic photographs in my art. During the horrible Covid 19 pandemic, I found it very interesting to see how the safe everydays that we all have lulled us self into was taken away in an instant, like a soft…

  4. In the crowd nobody is different

    2023-10-29 17:27:12 UTC
    I am preparing for my artistic project at the Magnus Hirschfeld Collection. Packing bags, planning what equipment I need to bring. And preparing mentally – by thinking and philosophising. About freedom, repression, fear, shame and taboos.  These last days I have tought a lot about the prosecution of us with…

  5. Reinterpretation 3

    2023-10-22 12:21:00 UTC
    In my art, I have always worked with the reinterpretation of earlier art and photographs. One of the most influential and well-known projects began many years ago. As a child, I received a small Bible card during a Christmas celebration at our local church. The card featured a painting of…

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