Trygve Skogrand

Wir sind Schmutz

  1. Watching some films

    2023-10-18 07:49:00 UTC
    Some years ago, when my partner and I visited Berlin, we found these two DVDs in a queer video shop. This week I’ve watched the movies again, as part of the input before the start of my work in Berlin this November. The first movie, “The Einstein of Sex”, is…

  2. Reinterpretation 2

    2023-10-17 08:40:08 UTC
    I have always been inspired by the exploration of historical imagery in my art.  A little while back, I shared a post about one of my early works of this kind – a geometric reinterpretation of the mesmerizing Muybridge cycles. Some years later, I revisited these captivating photographs, and now…

  3. Ready to dive in

    2023-10-14 18:10:42 UTC
    Today, it is only three weeks until I start my artistic residency in Berlin. I am so excited to begin working with the archive at the Magnus Hirschfeld Society and see what will emerge from my artistic exploration! Right now, I am imagining that I may uncover stories and individuals…

  4. The 175ers

    2023-10-04 17:34:42 UTC
    This week I started watching the latest season of «Babylon Berlin». Very well made, as always, – beautiful and exciting. But for me it is also interesting as it gives an impression of the late Weimar-era. A time when Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexual Science existed. In one of the first…

  5. Reinterpretation

    2023-10-02 09:27:24 UTC
    In the “Wir Sind Schmutz” project, I will work with the archive of the Magnus Hirschfeld Gesellschaft in Berlin. In my art, I have always been working with the reinterpretation of historical material. One of the earliest is from 2001. Here I was working with the famous Muybridge photographs of…

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