Trygve Skogrand

Wir sind Schmutz

  1. It may have been a happy Christmas

    2023-12-27 16:58:46 UTC
    I am back in Norway after my period of artistic research in Berlin. My sketchbook, phone, and computer are full of notes, ideas, and images from archives and museums. A special thank you to the Magnus Hirschfeld Gesellschaft for allowing me to browse their archive in my search for glimpses…

  2. What are we all looking for

    2023-11-19 08:45:29 UTC
    I have so far spent two weeks here in Berlin, looking through archives, browsing books, visiting galleries and scanning microfilms in my artistic search in the early queer history. As I work, I come in touch with glimpses of hundreds upon hundreds of lives – individuals searching for freedom, daring…

  3. The longing for truth and beauty

    2023-11-12 11:37:30 UTC
    Looking through the shelves of the library at the Magnus Hirschfeld Society - seeing who and what I will meet in the century-old pages. I am struck by many encounters: by the scientific mind observing the world and attempting to understand, simplify, and classify; by the brave early queer lovers;…

  4. Observing the observer

    2023-11-08 07:52:52 UTC
    I have made my first visit to the archive and library of the Magnus Hirschfeld Society. It is a very rich collection, and it will be very interesting to work with it through the following weeks.  After my first day, I am left with many ideas and possible paths further…

  5. The breaking of taboos

    2023-11-06 21:11:00 UTC
    Today when I was strolling along the streets of Queer Berlin, I realised I thought wrong yesterday. Or at least not far enough. In yesterday’s post about painting the past in a pink haze, I mulled about my reactions to the more sex-based offers in this gay part of town.…

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