Trygve Skogrand

Wir sind Schmutz

  1. Reinterpretation

    2023-10-02 09:27:24 UTC
    In the “Wir Sind Schmutz” project, I will work with the archive of the Magnus Hirschfeld Gesellschaft in Berlin. In my art, I have always been working with the reinterpretation of historical material. One of the earliest is from 2001. Here I was working with the famous Muybridge photographs of…

  2. A queer voice from the past

    2023-09-30 11:05:39 UTC
    Yesterday I saw an interesting post on Instagram by the Magnus Hirschfeld Gesellschaft about the German writer Bruno Vogel, born in Leipzig 125 years ago yesterday. He worked at the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin together with Magnus Hirschfeld etc in the 1920s. Very interesting for me, was the…

  3. Symbols of freedom

    2023-09-28 15:49:07 UTC
    I am very interested in the process where a human finds her or his personal freedom. Lately I have been thinking that the process our society and culture went through from the Victorian and Edwardian periods into the after-war upheaval can be seen almost as a symbol of this. Or…

  4. Reading about it all

    2023-09-20 13:10:56 UTC
    As part of my preparations before travelling to Berlin and the Hirschfeld Collection, I am doing some reading. You may say that this project started with the book on the top right, “Gay Berlin” that I discovered in the superp London bookshop “Gay’s The Word” some years ago. Now I…

  5. Researching the early queer pioneers

    2023-09-20 11:02:42 UTC
    This November I am going to start working on an artistic project based on very early Queer history. I will start with a period of artistic research in Berlin, for it was in Germany the modern understanding of being Queer started. I have been interested in the queer pioneers in…

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