Trygve Skogrand

Reinterpretation 2

I have always been inspired by the exploration of historical imagery in my art.  A little while back, I shared a post about one of my early works of this kind – a geometric reinterpretation of the mesmerizing Muybridge cycles. Some years later, I revisited these captivating photographs, and now it ended up as a quite different series of works.

I saw a form of scientific voyeurism embedded within the photographs, a quality that unveiled the inherent vulnerability of the undressed men and women before the lens of Muybridge’s camera. In a bid to underscore this very vulnerability, I envisioned the people in those images as diminutive figures—so small that their existence seemed perilously fragile, making them susceptible to the inadvertent step of an unsuspecting passerby. Amidst the chaotic juxtaposition of litter and car wheels on our bustling streets, these minute yet courageous individuals persevered in their daily tasks, navigating a world that seemed immense and daunting to them. This ended up as the “Fortitude of Midgets” series, a kind of tribute to the fortitude of us everyday, vulnerable humans.

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