TRASH CAN MADONNAS is a series of works where ai algorithms is used to fuse elements of our consumer culture like waste, advertising, pollution or shiny products with classical paintings of the Sacred.

Oil Spill Madonna

The Holy Child with Rotting Fruit

Armament Madonna
Bag Lady

Mater Dolorosa of the Slaughterhouse

The Lady of Floating Plastic

The Lady of the Plastic Bags

Lady of Smoke and Ashes

Virgin of the Burning Forests

Pill Lady

Sugar Virgin

Rust Virgin

Our Lady of Silk and Pearls

Plastic Bottle Blessings

The Lady of the Crushed Soda Cans

Money Madonna
Virgin and Child of the Bleached Corals
Virgin of the Screens

Lady of the Fake Flowers

Machine Madonna
The Lady of the Discarded Batteries
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