Trygve Skogrand

How do we recognise plants? In the work "The Creation of Buttercups" I looked closer on the buttercups growing in the roadside outside our house. The plants have their characteristic signs: Green, thin stems, rather hard, meeting at an angle – flat open chrome yellow flowers, like a small bowl, a brush of stamens in the middle. Picking a bunch of buttercups and photographing them, I then fed the photos into an ai-algorithm. The GAN uses statistics to look for similarity of shapes, colours and textures in the inputted images, and is then able to create new related imagery on the fly.

In the finished work "The Creation of Buttercups" I then start with a dark heaven like ground, and layer multiple videos showing the computer trying to discover the essence of buttercups and make a virtual, summery field of newly created digital buttercups.

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