Trygve Skogrand


Algorithmic image creation techniques construct their visual products based on statistics and patterns in man-made images and photographs, completely without having any relation to the possible meaning content of the images they build up. In the work "Genesis" I examine what happens when I combine this estrangement in relation to meaningful content with text that we perceive as deeply meaningful. I have taken the Creation account from the Bible as a starting point, and have fed it sentence by sentence into the algorithm "". For each sentence, the algorithm tries to create a visual construction that is both connected to the words in that particular sentence, and the visual result that has been "created" so far. Bit by bit, sentence by sentence, a large and complex picture emerges, filled with a surreal and arbitrary use of symbols. When a spectator looks at the finished work, she will try to interpret the algorithm's misunderstood use of symbols, and create connections and meaningful content, in her own search for meaning and understanding.
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