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It is shame that is the subject for the new series of post-photographic works now being exhibited at the Vasli Souza gallery in Sweden. Not any shame, but the deep shame you feel when you know that you are ugly, when you are certain that you are all wrong. This is the shame of the subgroups of society.

We all inherit the values and prejudices of our society. This is even so when the prejudices are against the subgroup that you are self a part of. This can leave you with subconscious prejudices against yourself – a shame of being who you are.

”I believe that many feels this shame. Whether you are too thick, old, handicapped, have mental problems, are poor, unemployed, an immigrant - the list goes on and on - you risk ending up with this deep certainty: I am unacceptable.” Trygve Skogrand

In the exhibition "The Theatre of Shame" this shame is investigated, with the artist taking as the starting point his own self-biographical story about being a homosexual Christian. The artist uses his own disclosed body as artistic raw material for the post-photographic works. The pictures show meticulously constructed figures, built up from a series of self-portraits, inhabiting constructed landscapes and settings, where the process of discovering the systems of this shaming of subgroups is examined.

Some of the artworks from the series have been exhibited in London and in Edinburg in 2014. The current exhibition is the first time the whole series of 25 works is exhibited together.

To read more about the exhibition, gallery opening times etc, please visit the gallery’s website at:

Gallery Vasli Souza is in the centre of Malmö, at Gustav Adolfs Torg 10B.
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