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Trygve Skogrand Fine Art

Contemporary Post-Photographic Artist from Norway

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"When I start thinking about what inspires me, I think that the answer is confusion. As an artist I go through life collecting bits and pieces of what to me feels like a huge jigsaw puzzle. Things that at first glance doesn't seem to fit in, that appear ugly, worthless, or without meaning often are starting points for my puzzles. Can I make it all come together? In my art I assemble the puzzle pieces, trying out different combinations, overlaying symbols to see what I get. Will it help me understand the world or what it is like being human?

Even though it makes me happy to hear that others sometimes recognize parts of their own jigsaw puzzle in my works, I intend my art to be open. Even if a picture had a special content for me when I worked with it, I love to discover new meanings in it later. And nothing is more interesting than when others see something quite different in it.

I originally educated as a Civil Engineer, specialising in digital mapmaking. Perhaps that is why I find it so natural to continue to work digitally on my great “puzzle of life”. Working mixed media on the computer is for me the perfect tool for trying out different combinations of my many puzzle pieces. My works has been called post-modern or even post-surrealistic, as they combine both new and old elements in a new, and often surreal setting.

As a gay Christian artist, the subjects of holiness and bodily vulnerability appear frequently in my art.

I currently live and work in MalmoĢˆ, Sweden."
RSA OPEN 2014, group show, Royal Scottish Academy of Arts, Edinburgh, UK, 2014-15
MYTHS UNTOLD, solo show, Lokalitet, Malmö, Sweden, 2014
OFFICE SESSIONS, group show, Anchorage House, London, UK, 2014 
WINTERPRIDE ART AWARDS, group show, Chart Gallery, London, UK, 2014
PHOTOBOOKSHOW, group show, Gallery Vasli Souza, Malmö, Sweden, 2014
WINTER SALON, group show, Öresund City Gallery, Malmö, Sweden, 2013
HOLY EVERYDAYS, solo show, Gallery Kunstpassasjen, Oslo, Norway, 2009
HOLY EVERYDAYS, solo show, Flakstad Church, Lofoten, Norway, 2009
FORTITUDE OF MIDGETS, trio show, Sandefjord Church, Sandefjord, Norway, 2006
SCANDINAVI/ART, group show, Camaver Kunsthaus, Lecco, Italy, 2006
HIDDEN GEOMETRY / THE YEARNING, group show, PrideArt, Oslo, Norway, 2006
SACRED PILGRIMS, group show, Art Centre Hå Gamle Prestegard, Norway, 2004
SACRED PILGRIMS, solo show, Galleri Stabbursloftet, Hurdal, Norway, 2003
CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION, trio show, Arendal Art Society, Arendal, Norway, 2002
SACRED PILGRIMS, solo show, Sandefjord Church, Sandefjord, Norway, 2002
SACRED PILGRIMS, solo show, Galleri Katakomben, Oslo, Norway, 2002

Norwegian National Library 2003
Oslo Sporveier 2009
Bridgeman Art Library since 2009
Private collections

BROSPENN, Genesis forlag, Oslo 2003
JULEEVANGELIET, juritzen forlag, Oslo 2008
DRØMMER, juritzen forlag, Oslo 2009
WEIHNACHTEN OHNE BAUM UND KRIPPE, Echter Verlag, Würzburg, 2014

Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation, NRK, October 2001
Vårt Land, April 2002
Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation, NRK, April 2002
Krigsropet 22/2002
Familien, nr 21/2002
Bymisjon, nr 3/2002
Stavanger Aftenblad, December 2004
Dagbladet, April 2007
Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation, Dec 2008
Vårt Land, May 2009
Blikk, February 2014

Einar Granum Art School, 2000-2001
Folkeuniversitetet School of Art, 1998-2000
NTNU, Master of Civil Engineering 1986-1990



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