A Christmas exhibition of forgotten fairytales


This week I am having a small solo show here in Malmö, Sweden. The exhibition is called «Forgotten Fairytales», and shows art from the «Myths Untoid» series. These artworks looks quite different from my usual photo-based work, but is actually not that dissimilar: this is also analog material, reassembled in the computer to the finished artwork. But instead of using photos as the starting point, these images use watercolours.


I see these images as glimpses into archetypes, myths, or stories yet untold. When I start out with an image, I work totally abstract with watercolour on paper. Adding washes, letting the paint flow, turning the sheet around and starting another layer with colour. Suddenly I seem to see something: The head of a horse, a lady turning around, a castle on a hill. With this glimpse of a story in mind, I continue painting. Then I scan the image into my computer to continue working towards the finished artworks, adding layers and fills of photographic textures, parts of old portraits, some historic brocade, whatever that the picture seems to be wanting.


I see the whole process as a semi-controlled deep dive into a kind of jungian subconscious, and a most interesting process it is for me as the artist. For now the «Myths Untold» exists only as these images, but perhaps someone will tell more of them - someday?


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