Pop-up in the Gallery Night

Had a very fun day yesterday with our pop-up exhibition in the Gallery Night here in Malmö in Sweden. This is a big event, where all galleries in the city have open from 6pm to midnight, with lots of exhibition openings and happenings going on. We were a group of 5 artist that put together an exhibition in a parking garage in the middle of the art district. A rough and cool place to show our art!




Out with the cars, in with the art! Really a cool place to show our art! :)


6 pm and we´re open: and a steady stream of visitors start flowing down into our impromptu garage gallery.


What a night! Hundreds and hundreds of happy Gallery Night visitors thronging the art garage during the night, looking at the artworks, discussing with us artists, buying art. Really a cool and inspiring happening for all of us artists!

Published in Germany!


How utterly lovely! Just saw that the German version of ”The Christmas Story” is now published and out in the shops! It has taken some years before this matured, but now the book is relay out there, and I am very, very happy! Since the Norwegian edition I have polished some of the artworks somewhat, so this is a bit like a ”remastered edition”. My artworks and the texts from the bible is accompanied by poems by the German poet Andreas Knapp, from what I have seen poetic and thoughtful compositions that go very well indeed with the other elements. The printed books are on their way from Germany, – I can’t wait to see them! :)

The German edition is published by Echter Verlag in Würtzburg, you can see the book on Amazon here, this in on Amazon.de but I am certain it is on the sister sites as well.

Art to the young


The International education network SABIS international has licensed some of my artworks through the Bridgeman Art Library, for a book in their ”Anthology” series for young school children. It feels very nice to think of that my art can reach people in such a way, and that perhaps I through this can inspire creativity and interest in art in young people.


On the page presenting me as an artist, we have written a bit about me, and about how I made the artworks used in the book. Perhaps I can inspire the children to make some New Media Art themselves?

A very nice surprise

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 15.03.51

Got a lovely email today from a woman in Poland. It turns out that writing about one of my artworks is given as homework to Polish children, aged 12 – and she wanted to ask me some questions about my 2009 artwork ”Midsummer Nights Dream”. What a very nice surprise that one is suddenly in a school’s curriculum!

Pop-up soon popping up


I am working towards a pop-up exhibition on Malmö's Gallery Night this autumn. The day - or more exactly, the night - is only two weeks ahead, so I am very busy finishing and polishing the pictures that I will show there. My works will be new pictures from the series "Myths untold”, a series of digital/watercolour works that I see as glimpses into lost stories and forgotten myths.

The times they are always changing


I do my artistic work on my mac, combining photos, paintings and whatnot to get the expression I am after. That means that my work is classed as "New Media"-art. For some reason this kind of artistic expression isn't quite accepted yet. Time after time I've heard from audience or galleries: But... do you paint the pictures? - Well, no. But at least you take the photos yourself? Er, no, not necessarily. And then I have to explain, that sometimes I use my own photos or paintings as artistic raw material, other times photos I have found on the Internet that fits with what I am after. "Oh! You use PHOTOSHOP!" they exclaim and run screaming away.

Of course, it was the same when artists started to experiment with acrylics instead of oil paint. And I suppose Jan van Eyck got the same reaction when he started using oil paint back in the 15th century, - after all it only is egg tempera that makes Real Art... :D

An Angel of peace

The Dearest One

We live in a time of trouble and worry, as many others before us have – of course. But still, the growth of aggression and lessening of generosity and understanding is both sad and troubling, I feel. This summer I've made this artwork of an angel of Gods' peace and love, I call it "The Dearest One".



It's so easy to spend one's life simply longing. Longing to get home from work. Longing for the week-end. Longing to pay-day. Longing for Christmas. Longing for summer. Longing to be a pensioner.

It's so easy to spend one's life simply hoping. Hoping to win in the lottery. Hoping that everything will change. One day.

It's so easy to spend one's life simply dreaming. Sitting in front of the TV. Reading a book. Watching a movie. Surfing the internet. Escaping on a holiday to the south. Dreaming.

One has to start living instead.

Ill-fitting theories


Some of our central constants is rather odd and doesn't quite "fit in". Doing math on a circle leaves you working with π, which is 3.14159261... (decimals on to infinity). A square is not much better, there you suddenly stumble over the square root of 2, just as long and curious. And the central geometric constant of aestethics, and nature – the golden mean – phi, is in the same way without end. Could it possibly be that our mathematics doesn't quite fit the world, when these central constants turn out so strange in the mathematical system? Or - is it simply so that
neither geometric constants nor mathematical simplicity can excactly decribe a knobbly and strange universe?

The body


I seem to be thinking a lot about the soul in my art. Lately I have come to think that the body is also a mystery. Wordless and wise, absurd and beautiful – our bodies are our channels into this concrete, material world. It takes time to come to terms with it, I think. First it took years to accept that I had a body, and that it had both purpose and usefulness. Now it’s soon time to come to terms with the body’s decay and dying. It’s a strange life.

The "Theatre of Shame" in Malmö, Sweden 2015


During the summer holidays, I got the conformation that there will be a Malmö exhibition of my "Theatre of Shame" series. The gallery is the Vasli-Souza gallery of contemporary photographic art, I am very happy to be able to present the whole series in such a professional setting! :)

The one month long exhibition will take place in the first half of 2015, I will be back with more info when we have it. For now - I am working with more images!

Seasonal imagery at Bridgeman Art

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.14.24

I am most gratified to see that Bridgeman Art Library in London has chosen one of my artworks for their newsletter on Seasonal Imagery in front of the upcoming Christmas season. I am very happy for their support!

Flying hands


Working on a new idea. Double hands. Just starting out, so don’t ask me what it’s all about. Perhaps some meaning will arise as I work on. Always engaging to have a new vision, I think!



These days I think about transparency.

What is opaque and what is transparent? When I look at the internet, do I use it as a mirror instead of a window? A book - does it reflect me? Do I use it as a shield against reality? Am I open and transparent to other people? Do I see them at all? Do I keep the sight towards God transparent ? Both ways?

Travelling artworks

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.58.02

It is very exciting to have such a professional agency as the Bridgeman Art Library to administrate the international licensing of my art. With their network of offices in London, New York and Berlin, it makes my art available for a large audience that I couldn't have reached on my own.

It feels like my pictures are out there, out of my control like grown-up children, travelling the world of their own. Every now and then I get a message that they have landed on a post-card in Germany, by an art publisher in the US - or as it was last week: on a series of Chilean books in Italy. Today I got the news from Bridgeman that they will take a trip to Boston! They do get around, my little darlings!

Edizioni Italiani


How lovely to discover that the Italian publisher of international quality literature, Adelphi Edizioni, has chosen my art for the covers on their series of books from the Chilean novelist Roberto Bolaño. I am very honoured!

A day of pride


Got some really fabulous news this week - one of my artworks is chosen to be one of the finalists in the London WInterPride Art Awards! I am very honoured indeed! The 21 finalist works will be shown in the CHART gallery in Chelsea the first week of February, with award ceremony on the following week-end. My artwork is the ”Tree of Knowledge”, shown below. Exciting, and fantastic to get the opportunity to show my work in a London gallery!


Coming to life


I am at the printer’s, doing test prints of some of the artworks to an upcoming exhibition. Interesting and exciting to finally see the works in ”real life”!



It may not be the most profound of art, - or not art at all. But instagramming really inspires me in my work as an artist, and helps me to always have my eyes open for the beautiful and/or strange in our world.

The Oversoul and suchlike


One of my ongoing projects is based on a victorian book that I've cut up and used as raw material. The book is a treatise by Ralph Waldo Emerson on high and soulful concepts like "The Oversoul", "Self Reliance" and so on. Most inspiring!

So I have ripped out the book pages, and painted water colours on them. I then scan the finished watercolours into the computer, and make collages on them using victorian photographs and illustrations – inspired by the poetic chapter titles in the book. I do not know what it all will end up as in the end, but it's interesting and inspiring to work with.

Old ideas


One day I rummaged in the cellar, and found a lot of my old sketch books. The oldest more that 10 years old. A strange feeling.

Old, old ideas. Art I thought I should make but didn't. Plans I maybe someday would realise, but haven't. Well, some I have and some art I have made. But these old ideas - slightly sad, slightly touching, and actually I feel more than slightly impatient with them. It's rather clogging to have all these old ideas laying around. Maybe I simply should throw all these books away? And open up for new ideas for art instead?


Looking through old sketch-books, I found this drawing of an angel. Striding through nature, crossing deserts, under stars - intent on his purpose. The drawing was made when I was at art school. The first trace of the idea that later turned into the Sacred Pilgrims series of pictures.


This was an idea to illustrate the safety in the church, that one could safely sleep like a child enfolded by the faith's warm embrace. Looking at the drawing today, I think that all this is well and good - but it would be better to go outside and face the world with one's faith.


A vision of large, semi-transparent balloons floating over the landscape. In each balloon a recumbent figure, a man or woman in deep, deep sleep.


A strange geometric drawing of God speeding over the earth.


"The machine that makes you happy and well". You just insert the human into the machine, and the machine fills the human with joy. I remembered it should have a telling contrast between the hard, large machine and the soft, vulnerable human. Well...


The virgin Mary and the disciple John, resting under the cross after the horrible day. Without heart to leave Jesus hanging there alone in the night, they have lighted a small lamp.


I ended up with throwing the old sketchbooks away. Time for new art, new ideas, instead of thinking about old unfulfilled plans. And actually, - it was me that got the old ideas, so I can surely get them once more if I'd like. Or something quite new.

It feels.... fresh.


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