Neue Weihnachten

Weihnachten Buch

I just got the brand new German books in the post, and they look very good. The book "Und er sucht Platz unter uns" is based on my artworks Christmas Story, where I explore the subjects of holiness versus the commonplace by blending old Christian art with modern photographs. The German poet Andreas Knapp has written poems inspired by the pictures - a new twist, but I find it interesting. This is the first time my art is published as a whole book outside of Norway, and I am very happy!

Preparing an exhibition

Today I am going through the test prints of the works to the upcoming exhibition of the ”Theatre of Shame” series. It is strange, I have looked at these pictures on the screen again and again, but seeing them on print makes me see the artworks in quite a different way. This is an excellent help in seeing what things to change, killing some darlings, getting ideas to make some artworks better (hopefully), and ideas to new works in the series. An interesting stage in the process!


Some of the selected works, with ideas for further work.


Some of the works are finally scrapped in this stage of the process. This one will leave the exhibition now, please. :)

Post photographic new media art or whatnot

The terrible light

I used to wonder what to call my type of art. In contact with galleries and suchlike one needs a quick and easy label, I thought, to give an idea about what kind of art I was making. No painter, no sculptor, no printer of obscure graphic techniques – all that was clear. But what should I call it, my collaging of photos into photos, paintings into photos into textures? It seemed to be having a changing definition actually. When I started out, it was called post modern. For a short period, the right word seemed to be post surrealistic. Or was it to be called New Media Art? Perhaps that as well. Now I learn that the latest term is post photographic art. Well! The times they are changing, but I still am working with my art with the same techniques. So now I just let the labellers keep on with their labelling, while I just go on making art. And you may call it what you like.

Art for Christmas


Christmas is less than three months away. In a new beautiful gift book from Echter Verlag, the images from my ”Christmas Story” series are put together with the christmas story from the bible, and poems from the german poet Andreas Knapp. At the same time, I get reports from the Bridgeman Art Library in London that many are licensing my artworks from both the ”Christmas Story” and ”Sacred Pilgrims” series to give a contemporary and thoughtful look at Christmas this year. I am very happy that my art can reach new audiences in such ways!

The shameful works

Silent room

It was great fun showing my fairytale-ish digital watercolours at Gallery Night here in Malmö. Now it is back to serious business. It is six months to the big show THE THEATRE OF SHAME at the Vasli Souza gallery, an exhibition I am really looking forward to! The months until new year I’ll be working to get all the images ready. First thing: get some more photos shot for the remaining artworks!

Artwork shown here is ”The Silent Room” from the upcoming exhibition.


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