In the studio with both of me


It is four months to go to the opening of the exhibition of my ”Theatre of Shame”-series. As I was working with the series, I saw that I needed some new material to develop a handful of new ideas. The subject matter is shame, and the artistic material is my own body, and to be honest: I always feel a bit embarrassed when I am going to start working on this series, especially the photographic work.

That may of course be a good thing, a series about shame should be a bit shameful, even for the artist himself. Anyway, the end result is that I have been procrastinating, as if I was going to step into a cold river: ”Not today”, ”perhaps tomorrow”, ”next week is better”. You know. But of course, finally one just have to get going. And anyway: the light was very good today!


And of course, as soon as I start working, it isn’t embarrassing at all, just interesting and necessary work. When I am working it isn’t about me or even my body anymore, but simply about the artworks themselves. Getting the photos right, getting the idea into the artworks and then to work with the picture’s own logic to let the idea develop. The shameful procrastinating me is forgotten, and I am working deep and fast. It is almost feels as if there are two of me: ”private me” and ”artist me”. Perhaps many artists feel like this?

Not all joys are digital


This week-end was most enjoyable. I took part in a workshop at the KKV, Artists Collective Workshops here in Malmö, learning the basics of making prints using the photopolymer technique. In my work I always go from something analogue to a digital artwork, so it was very nice and refreshing to go the other way for once! And great fun to spend the week-end together with other fellow-artists here in Malmö, in an old converted factory hall, surrounded by printing presses, vacuum-tables and whatnots.


Starting out with photoshop-files, one produce transparent films to create the printing plates from. The films are beautiful in them self I think, but then I have always loved transparency, reflections - and foggy half images.


After hours of work, I had made my printing plates. Shiny and metallic in the blank areas, and a lovely matte green in the areas where the ink will fasten. It feels like a shame to smear it with ink!


Colours ready mixed, papers wetted, time to colour the plates and make some prints.


A digital collage made into an analogue, traditional print. I like this! :D


For fun I tried out working on one of the shots from my Instagram-feed as well, from a foggy day last summer in our beloved Lofoten islands. I was very happy with the results, - maybe I have to do a print exhibition next year?

At the Royal Scottish Academy of Arts


What wonderful, happy news! One of my artworks has been chosen by the jury to be exhibited in wonderful Edinburgh. And not in any old dusty gallery, but in the Royal Scottish Academy itself!


My artwork will be part of the renowned ”RSA Open Exhibition of Art” at the Royal Scottish Academy. The exhibition has an over 180 years old history at the Academy, ”celebrating the best of contemporary practice”. I am VERY happy and proud to be allowed to have a artwork shown here!

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 29th of November 2014 to the 20th of January 2015.

Rock my boat

The artwork that I have in the exhibition is titled ”Rock my boat”, it is from of a larger series of self-portrait based works about shame. The complete series will be shown at the Vasli Souza Gallery here in Malmö March-April 2015, more about that later. Today I celebrate Scotland, Edinburgh, The Royal Scottish Academy of Arts! Hurray!

Working towards the Christmas show

A friend of us has a small gallery in the city centre, and I am having a one-week solo show there the week before Christmas. Nothing spectacular and shocking in this exhibition, it will be art suitable for the season and occasion. I plan to exhibit a series of my ”Myths untold” digital/watercolours, and one wall with artworks from the ”Christmas Story” series. As it is the week before Christmas, I hope to make the event cosy and christmassy in addition to arty - so I am certain there will be lots of glögg and gingersnaps - and fresh art, of course. I plan to have an glögg-evening in addition to the opening. More info on this, the opening, date&time and address will come in a few weeks here and on my Facebook-page:


I can´t wait for december and the snow to come, so I have photoshopped a possible preview of how I hope it will look on the day... :D


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