Not all joys are digital


This week-end was most enjoyable. I took part in a workshop at the KKV, Artists Collective Workshops here in Malmö, learning the basics of making prints using the photopolymer technique. In my work I always go from something analogue to a digital artwork, so it was very nice and refreshing to go the other way for once! And great fun to spend the week-end together with other fellow-artists here in Malmö, in an old converted factory hall, surrounded by printing presses, vacuum-tables and whatnots.


Starting out with photoshop-files, one produce transparent films to create the printing plates from. The films are beautiful in them self I think, but then I have always loved transparency, reflections - and foggy half images.


After hours of work, I had made my printing plates. Shiny and metallic in the blank areas, and a lovely matte green in the areas where the ink will fasten. It feels like a shame to smear it with ink!


Colours ready mixed, papers wetted, time to colour the plates and make some prints.


A digital collage made into an analogue, traditional print. I like this! :D


For fun I tried out working on one of the shots from my Instagram-feed as well, from a foggy day last summer in our beloved Lofoten islands. I was very happy with the results, - maybe I have to do a print exhibition next year?


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