Pop-up in the Gallery Night

Had a very fun day yesterday with our pop-up exhibition in the Gallery Night here in Malmö in Sweden. This is a big event, where all galleries in the city have open from 6pm to midnight, with lots of exhibition openings and happenings going on. We were a group of 5 artist that put together an exhibition in a parking garage in the middle of the art district. A rough and cool place to show our art!




Out with the cars, in with the art! Really a cool place to show our art! :)


6 pm and we´re open: and a steady stream of visitors start flowing down into our impromptu garage gallery.


What a night! Hundreds and hundreds of happy Gallery Night visitors thronging the art garage during the night, looking at the artworks, discussing with us artists, buying art. Really a cool and inspiring happening for all of us artists!


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