Post photographic new media art or whatnot

The terrible light

I used to wonder what to call my type of art. In contact with galleries and suchlike one needs a quick and easy label, I thought, to give an idea about what kind of art I was making. No painter, no sculptor, no printer of obscure graphic techniques – all that was clear. But what should I call it, my collaging of photos into photos, paintings into photos into textures? It seemed to be having a changing definition actually. When I started out, it was called post modern. For a short period, the right word seemed to be post surrealistic. Or was it to be called New Media Art? Perhaps that as well. Now I learn that the latest term is post photographic art. Well! The times they are changing, but I still am working with my art with the same techniques. So now I just let the labellers keep on with their labelling, while I just go on making art. And you may call it what you like.


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