In the studio with both of me


It is four months to go to the opening of the exhibition of my ”Theatre of Shame”-series. As I was working with the series, I saw that I needed some new material to develop a handful of new ideas. The subject matter is shame, and the artistic material is my own body, and to be honest: I always feel a bit embarrassed when I am going to start working on this series, especially the photographic work.

That may of course be a good thing, a series about shame should be a bit shameful, even for the artist himself. Anyway, the end result is that I have been procrastinating, as if I was going to step into a cold river: ”Not today”, ”perhaps tomorrow”, ”next week is better”. You know. But of course, finally one just have to get going. And anyway: the light was very good today!


And of course, as soon as I start working, it isn’t embarrassing at all, just interesting and necessary work. When I am working it isn’t about me or even my body anymore, but simply about the artworks themselves. Getting the photos right, getting the idea into the artworks and then to work with the picture’s own logic to let the idea develop. The shameful procrastinating me is forgotten, and I am working deep and fast. It is almost feels as if there are two of me: ”private me” and ”artist me”. Perhaps many artists feel like this?


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