Working towards the Christmas show

A friend of us has a small gallery in the city centre, and I am having a one-week solo show there the week before Christmas. Nothing spectacular and shocking in this exhibition, it will be art suitable for the season and occasion. I plan to exhibit a series of my ”Myths untold” digital/watercolours, and one wall with artworks from the ”Christmas Story” series. As it is the week before Christmas, I hope to make the event cosy and christmassy in addition to arty - so I am certain there will be lots of glögg and gingersnaps - and fresh art, of course. I plan to have an glögg-evening in addition to the opening. More info on this, the opening, date&time and address will come in a few weeks here and on my Facebook-page:


I can´t wait for december and the snow to come, so I have photoshopped a possible preview of how I hope it will look on the day... :D


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