The times they are always changing


I do my artistic work on my mac, combining photos, paintings and whatnot to get the expression I am after. That means that my work is classed as "New Media"-art. For some reason this kind of artistic expression isn't quite accepted yet. Time after time I've heard from audience or galleries: But... do you paint the pictures? - Well, no. But at least you take the photos yourself? Er, no, not necessarily. And then I have to explain, that sometimes I use my own photos or paintings as artistic raw material, other times photos I have found on the Internet that fits with what I am after. "Oh! You use PHOTOSHOP!" they exclaim and run screaming away.

Of course, it was the same when artists started to experiment with acrylics instead of oil paint. And I suppose Jan van Eyck got the same reaction when he started using oil paint back in the 15th century, - after all it only is egg tempera that makes Real Art... :D


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