Planning the first exhibition of the year


After the poetic exhibition of the «Myths Untold»-series before Christmas, the new year starts on a quite different note: a large series about shame! Today it is exactly ten weeks left to the opening of the exhibition «The Theatre of Shame» at the Vasli Souza gallery here in Malmö, Sweden. That will be ten weeks of interesting work: finishing, revising, producing, framing, marketing and hanging. And then: the opening on the 27th of March!

Yesterday I visited the gallery again to take measurements to plan the hanging, and to discuss plans with the curators. They have a couple of very interesting ideas for the exhibition and the opening, - I will tell you more later.

The works are a suite of post-photographic works, using fragmented self-portraits to tell a story about shame. The series of 24 works have been two years in the making, so I am very excited to show it to the public at last!


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