Theatre of Shame
De-constructed self-portraits that explore shame / deshaming. The shame inherent in being part of one of society’s sub-groups. The shame of the corporeal vs the ideal. Of the lived vs the thought. The shame of the individual vs the group. Or simply my shame of not being you?
02 Autumn without a spring.jpg

Autumn without a spring

03 The Theatre of Shame.jpg

The theatre of shame

04 The silent room.jpg

The silent room

05 The Big Blur.jpg

The big blur

06 Guardian of the Borders.jpg

Guarian of the borders

07 Winters Beach.jpg

Winter's beach

08 Mazed.jpg


09 Sweet Home.jpg

Sweet home

10 Frankincense for the Lord.jpg

Frankicense for the Lord

11 Learning to kneel.jpg

Learning to kneel

12 Seedlings.jpg


13 Forgettable.jpg


14 Encrusted.jpg


16 The Possibilty of Wings.jpg

The possibility of wings

15 Rock my boat.jpg

Rock my boat

18 Invisibled.jpg


20 The terrible light.jpg

The terrible light

17 The Sweet Tickling of Roots.jpg

The sweet tickling of roots

19 Dog Forest.jpg

Dog forest

21 Blah.jpg


22 Kindling.jpg


23 Phoenix ashes.jpg

Phoenix ashes

24 Whipping up the fog.jpg

Whipping up the fog


Tree of knowledge

The Theatre of Shame

De-constructed self-portraits that discuss the subject of shame.

I visualize shame as taking place in your own internal theatre, with the Self as the spectator.